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A list of recent publications produced by NFCC, including our Ocean Acidification Report, the most widely read OA publication in the world.

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Global Ocean Health commissioned this report, Sweetening the Waters, to inform the work of the Washington State Blue Ribbon Panel on Ocean Acidification and offer citizens options for policy and action.

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The way people use the ocean may be about to change. New technologies are emerging for marine renewable hydrogen production and carbon removal. Folks who depend on healthy marine resources may have much at stake. This draft report is based on initial research we conducted for Tulalip Tribes in 2018. We, like others, are in a learning curve on this issue, and we invite comment — particularly from experts among our readers.

Ocean Acidification Reports

Volume Four, Issue Two, September 2020

This beefy issue includes a profile of Priya Shukla, a rising star PhD candidate at UC Davis, climate change effects of aquaculture, heat waves on land at sea, carbon removal myths and realities, NOAA’s new 10-year OA research plan, Ruth Gates coral restoration grants, Virginia joins RGGI, OA causing “osteoporosis” on iconic reefs, changes in fish communities under OA, and the state of Canada’s Arctic seas.

Volume Four, Issue One, December 2019

In this issue you’ll hear about how marine heat waves are affecting food webs: from plankton to killer whales, about clam die-offs in Uruguay, hypoxia killing lobster and fish in Cape Cod, the new IPCC Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere, worldwide emissions set to decline in 2019, and other news.

Volume Three, Issue Four, May 2019

New proposed OA legislation, the unraveling of the ocean food web, the vulnerability of Atlantic cod, looming water shortages, Sealaska’s new focus, monitoring in Humboldt and Monterey Bays, and more.

Volume Three, Issue Three, November 2018

A profile of Sam Teicher, cofounder of Coral Vita, a land-based coral restoration farm, plus west coast crabbers sue the fossil fuel industry, oceans at the Global Climate Action Summit, razor clam research in Alaska, the OA Alliance, Washington’s Initiative 1631, Dr. Ruth Gates, NECAN survey, Climate Assessments, Arctic OA Report released, and more.

Volume Three, Issue Two, July 2018

Size matters in OA vulnerability, Joth Davis and mitigating OA with seagrass and kelp, OA and mussels, coralline algae, deep-sea corals, The Ocean Foundation, Pebble Mine project advancement, OA workshop in Kuwait, copepods cope with OA, California beats emissions reductions goals, how carbon taxes could fund global SDGs, the National Shellfisheries Association Annual meeting, useful resources and webinar links, and more!

Volume Three, Issue One, March 2018

Sexier Male Sand Fleas, Oregon steps up with new legislation, salmon’s sense of smell distorted, coccolithophores, bryozoans, foraminifers, NOAA escapes budget cuts again, International Alliance to Combat OA, update to Washington’s OA recommendations, ocean warming species shift, the Shellfish Growers Climate Coalition, Bob Foy, and more!

Volume Two, Issue Four, March 2017

Special Sea Level Rise issue. Seeding mangroves to restore Louisiana wetlands, nuisance flooding as harmful over time as extreme weather events, Trump proposes major NOAA and EPA budget cuts, Op-Ed: act on carbon policy, Dungeness crab and OA, pteropods as biological indicators, and new kits for detecting oyster seed health.

Volume Two, Issue Three, March 2016

Lobsters and OA, chasing OA resilience in red abalone, the first African OA experiment, buffering for OA at a Louisiana hatchery, new Maine OA legislation, blue carbon in Washington state, the CERF conference, and lots more.

Volume Two, Issue Two, January 2016

COP21 Special Issue: In this issue you’ll hear about the editor’s experience at COP21, what resulted from that ground-breaking conference in Paris, and what role the ocean played there. In addition, we have coverage of the first California Legislative meeting on OA, 3D kelp & shellfish farming in New England, new Blue Carbon methodology, print, video, and web resources, and more.

Volume Two, Issue One, October 2015

A message from the early front lines of OA, the ocean in climate change negotiations, monitoring water quality on the East Coast, Seaweed in OA mitigation,training for young Asian OA scientists, an OA time capsule, plus new Resources and Research.

Volume One, Issue Four, August 2015

Adapt, Diversify, or Die in BC Shellfish, First Hatchery Released Red King Crab, New England Multi-State OA Pact, Methane Leaks, Blue Carbon, and of course Print, Web, and Video Resources, Research articles, and more.

Volume One, Issue Three, January 2015

Guest editorial from Exec Director of the East Coast Shellfish Growers Association, Results of Maine OA Commission, Polls compare OA Knowledge of New England Fishermen, Alaskans, and General Public, NOAA’s education and outreach, Dick Sheldon profile (and lots more).

Volume One, Issue Two, July 2014

Profile of a Chesapeake Bay, VA grower, new information on massive BC scallop die-off, OA legislation passes in Maine and Maryland, wave gliders, resources, funding, and more.

Volume One, Issue One, March 2014

Over 30 items on OA, including BC Scallop Die-off, OA effects on crab larvae, Blue Carbon, Seagrass studies, Arctic OA, and much more.