Suzanne Iudicello Martley

Iudicello & Assoc. Consulting

After more than 20 years experience in ocean policy, sustainability, and resource management in Alaska and Washington D.C., Iudicello has for more than 15 years served as an environmental consultant to conservation and fishing organizations, government agencies, and foundations, recently specializing in catch shares and community-based fishery management, environmental program assessment and evaluation, and federal fishery management.

Currently, she is project co-manager and one of a multi-disciplinary team of investigators on a five-year project sponsored by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to measure the effects of catch shares in two U.S. fisheries.

The goal of the Measuring the Effects of Catch Shares Project is to provide a set of neutral, scientific indicators that can be used by fisheries managers, fishermen, and other interested parties to determine how groundfish catch shares have affected fishing communities, fishing businesses, and fish stocks of the northeast and west coast. Using a web-based, interactive dashboard, the project reports status and trends for a variety of indicators that answer key questions linked to goals and objectives of the catch share program.

Iudicello has worked with clients to improve strategic communications, advocate for policy change, document changes in marine biodiversity, analyze policy at the regional, national, and global level, and learn from experience, case studies, workshops, and practice.

Her areas of expertise include policy analysis, project management, legislative and regulatory analysis and advocacy at the state and national level, environmental impact assessment, and environmental conflict resolution. She has worked for the Alaska legislature and Alaska Governor’s Washington, D.C. office, and with national advocacy groups on reauthorizations of major U.S. environmental legislation. Iudicello has extensive strategic planning, non-profit governance, stakeholder engagement, and communications experience. A recognized marine policy writer, she has authored three books, many publications, contributed to numerous journals, magazines and newspapers. As a lawyer, her work has emphasized finding collaborative solutions to resource management issues by engaging stakeholders in problem solving rather than litigation. She is listed on the roster of practitioners of the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution. See her recent paper Iudicello, Warren & Stump. 2013. Magnuson Act: The Law That’s Saving American Fisheries.