In Memoriam of Dr. Dayton (Lee) Alverson

Natural Resource Consultants

Dr. Alverson was the owner and chairman of the board of Natural Resources Consultants, Inc., a Seattle, WA consulting firm specializing in fisheries stock assessment, data analysis, and policy. Dr. Alverson authored more than 100 scientific and technical articles ranging in subject matter from opportunities for development of new U.S. fisheries to theoretical considerations in modeling fish populations. Prior to starting Natural Resources Consultants, he held a variety of academic positions at the University of Washington, served as the director of the Northwest and Alaska Fisheries Center, and was a special assistant to the Assistant Administrator for Fisheries at the National Marine Fisheries Service.

In addition to these positions, Dr. Alverson had numerous special assignments, including as an advisor to the U.S. Department of State during treaty negotiations, as a delegate to the Law of the Sea Conference in 1971, and as chief of staff of the U.S. delegation to U.S./Canada salmon negotiations. He also served on several fisheries commissions and on National Academy of Sciences committees investigating fisheries issues. Read a tribute to Lee written by NFCC’s Executive Director Brad Warren here.