Farewell Thane Tienson, Salmon Champion

We lost a champion for salmon, for fishing people, and for the rivers and waters that produce fish for everyone. Thane Tienson, a founding board member of the National Fisheries Conservation Center, died in January.  “Thane was a mentor, a brother, and a dear friend to me and to this organization. We were fortunate to work with him more than 25 years,” said GOH Director Brad Warren. His hometown newspaper, The Daily Astorian, published a fine tribute here.

Check out the lovely podcast Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Thane Tienson:

“Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham are joined by Brad Warren and Greg Tozian to celebrate Thane’s life and his legacy as a person and devoted advocate for the fisheries, environment, and the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest.

Thane lived a remarkable life. He cared deeply about people, especially the little guys, and quietly and steadily devoted his professional skills to help others. He was a renowned environmental lawyer, admired throughout the Pacific Northwest, and is remembered for his unfailing generosity, superb storytelling and indelible courage. Along with Brad, Thane co-founded the National Fisheries Conservation Center to protect PNW fisheries and together they created and co-hosted the Changing Waters podcast. Tozian, an author and playwright now in Tampa, was one of Thane’s dearest friends in Portland, Oregon.

Thane leaves a coastal legacy of advocacy for the voiceless, especially for the environment, fishermen, and Native Americans. The National Fisheries Conservation Center has set up a salmon conservation fund in Thane’s honor, which can be contributed to below. We’re going to miss Thane tremendously. He was a lovely man.”

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